Zion Felisimo

May 24, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Dianny and I decided to check out the local dog park.  Met a few furry friends.  Took this shot when she was sitting down to rest.


New Store Facade Design
May 5, 2008, 11:03 pm
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After working on the interior design of the Markova Apparel store. I asked Kylie (my landlord) if she would let me redesign the architecture of the store, and she graciously said yes! So a weekend later I have finished my first architectural build. Hurray!

The previous store used up 21 prims but I was able to reduce that down to 13 prims. There were two methods that allowed me to reduce the amount of prims. First was the use of a 10×10 hollowed out cube and used a path cut to remove two sides of the cube. So i had one prim but two walls. 🙂 I then duplicated that cube and rearranged the path cuts and connected the cubes together to create a three walls creating two corners. (think of a box with one side removed)

Next I designed the facade using Alpha channels. Which after reading the Second Life forums is a huge no-no. I had created two textures with alpha channels so there would be windows looking in and windows looking out. That created horrible glitches! Walls were coming in and out of reality! Giant pandas were eating children! ok just kidding. really.

The inside windows where the culprits and I replaced them with a solid wall. So it is a little weird that the building has windows on the outside but not in the inside 😦 But it does fix the glitch and it gives more space for the businesses to display their products and it keeps the aesthetics of the outside facade. So I am happy with the out come. I look forward to the next build.

The redesign of the Markova Store

Sayden and Smokies House Warming Party
May 5, 2008, 1:35 am
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Greetings All! I was invited to Sayden’s house warming party. I was bestowed on the task of photographing the occasion. I had taken roughly 75 photos from that nite here are a few of the better ones. Unfortunately I do not remember the guests names (Bad Photographer Bad!)

Splattered Spring Dress
May 5, 2008, 1:33 am
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The lastest Spring Dress is here! And if you need to do some spring cleaning, paint a few prims here, dust off a few prim there, this dress if for you! Who knew you could look hot even when spring cleaning? Featuring a paint spattered design with a silver collar and a flexi prim that ties on the back of the neck. The prim skirt resets when sitting down so you never loose your dress again! I may design a jacket later as an added bonus.

The Green Zebra Dress
May 5, 2008, 1:32 am
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Hi everyone. This latest Dress is called the Green Zebra Dress but don’t get fooled by the name! Just because it has green zebra stripes doesn’t mean it can’t flow with your spring get up! This one of a kind jewel will get you noticed!

My First Outfit! — CaliGirl
February 25, 2008, 5:53 pm
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Hey Everybody! Spring is just around the color and soon we will be finding ourselves running through green parks or just walking on the beach. (I know i will) So that is the inspiration for my first outfit that I have made. Yes, I have finally finished and uploaded my outfit last nite! I know I know most of you were wanting me to finish for weeks! lol It was a lot of hard work for my first time, making the boy briefs took forever since I was new to UV maps and how they work. They kept stretching all over the place. I still messed up the inside seam of the crotch 😦 but I’ll fix it later. Getting the seams to match was a total bitch!! It was a tremendous learning experience.


Not only was I making a garment I was also figuring out the most efficient way of creating clothing and building it in such a way so I can quickly change the colors of each garment. Photoshop vector shapes are the way to go. The shape, lines, and simple patterns of the garment should be done in vector shapes. Why? Because vector shape keep their lines sharper then just using a paint brush to paint the lines. Plus you can easy switch the color by just double clicking the shape in the layers palette and select a new color so you can have multiple color shirts!.

Photobucket Texture and folds are very important to me. Anybody with a paint program can make a shirt but not may will take the time to put the texture of the cloth, the shading of the body, and the folds and wrinkles into the shirt. That it was separates the pros from the joes. I also don’t want to photo source my garments since I really want to improve my skills as an artist!

Making the folds was kinda difficult but with more practice I will master it 🙂 Using the overlay 50% grey layer technique (I should write a tutorial on that one!) is very good for color shirts with the same tone but not good for black or white shirts.


I found my inspiration from American Apparel. I find their clothing very hot. I love natural beauty and simplicity. I also used American Apparels colors with my own for this outfit. I will be studying and duplication the real life masters of fashion so that I may grow and begin to create my own original work.

I’m very happy with my first outfit and looking forward to the next one!
Tutorials will follow!
See you in second life!

This outfit is called CaliGirl and you can have one for free just IM me!

Job Hunting
February 24, 2008, 5:45 pm
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Apparently job hunting in SL is just as hard as it is in Rl! Its amazing to see how much a virtual world can mirror so much of my real life. SL job hunting can be very stressful, not to mention the fact now you have to worry if your future employer is in the same time zone as you are! I have had many offers from publications from all over the world. That seems wonderful in print, but not so wonderfull when I to have to get up at 2am for an editorial board meeting. 😦

Well I did finally see an opportunity with a fashion magazine called Aspire. Aspire started off as a modeling agency and that manages runways shows. Very cool. It would put me on the fast track on learning the in’s and out’s of the SL fashion industry, since my quest for an apprentice has been nothing but desert.

Thankfully I have the necessary skills for layout and graphic design. I had to make a few mock-ups of an SL magazine. You can see them below 🙂 I think the layouts came out quite well. I had to beg some of my friend to model for me.





My friend Mia is the model for the Blue Cover version shes so great! Kirll Markova braved the ghetto subway for the Urban Jungle shot, good girl!. And I have no idea who the girl is on the Golden Cover she was dancing on New Years at Dance Island.